Kiddie Rides

The classic rotating platform. This is a must-have among amusement rides for children. Remote control operation with incredibly easy and quick assembly/disassembly. Platform folds up on one trailer which can be towed with a normal car. Fairylike interactive figures give children more visual pleasure. Children’s Carousel comes with spectacular lighting and interactive sound system.

The compact track with a fiberglass train is perfect for children and has enough space for accompanying parents. Customizable speed and interactive sound system. Easy remote control operation with even easier assembly and disassembly. Colorful and cost-effective, carried on one trailer. This is a must-have for all showmen.

Luna - Park Rides
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For over 15 years Luna-Park has been successful in selling rides all over the world. The products manufactured are known for their reliability, quality and best of all price! It’s been Luna-Park’s objective to bring the best safety, quality, service, price and lastly great customer relations!
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